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The XTRATUF Brand Promise

We come from Alaska, where nothing is forgiven and no compromise goes unpunished. Where 50-foot seas swallow the slightest missteps. We come from a place of unreasonable demands, and impossible standards. For more than 50 years we’ve exceeded them all. We’ve earned the respect, loyalty and trust of people who can’t afford to take trust lightly. So we don’t take it lightly either. You may never need a boot built to stand up to what ours do every day. But because these boots exist, you never need to settle for less than XTRATUF.

XTRATUF is Authentically Rooted in Life On The Water

XTRATUF isn’t just any boot. It’s no wannabe, or look-alike - it’s the original, 100% waterproof boot worn by Alaskan fisherman for over 50 years. They call it the Alaskan Sneaker. XTRATUF makes essential gear engineered to withstand the world’s toughest conditions, and to protect people who put their lives on the line to live and work on the water. To them, XTRATUF represents more than a boot or a shoe. It’s part of an authentic marine lifestyle that values authenticity, performance and hard work - qualities appreciated not only by fisherman on the Bering Sea, but by commercial, sport and leisure customers everywhere.

The Original Fishing Boot
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